Rhodes Rule No. 9: Play Hard. But Play Fair.

Play Hard. But Play Fair.

Life can be tricky and not everyone plays on the up and up. But staying on the right side comes with its own rewards. Those who do usually win in the end.

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As our father and mentor Tom Rhodes, has always said, a stellar reputation is the greatest asset you have. But your reputation isn’t just what people think of you — it stems from your integrity, your kindness and your treatment of others. And in a business like ours, reputation is everything. It can make or break both our and our client’s success.

Playing hard but fair means going to bat for our clients’ needs no matter what, but also working with the other side in a productive, professional and always-courteous manner. It’s how we’re able to negotiate better deals for our clients. And it’s often what sets us apart from the competition.

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