Rhodes Rule No. 6: Just be NICE.

Just Be NICE.

When it comes to business, treating your clients with kindness is a no brainer. But following the golden rule with other agents has its advantages for you, too. 

Our relationships are your advantage. Call us.

The Dallas real estate industry is competitive—even cutthroat at times. But can’t afford to work with someone who doesn’t have a good relationship with other agents in the field. More often than not, a deal is dependent on our ability to get along with other agents. As our founder Tom Rhodes said: 

“If either side is unhappy, then you haven’t done your job well.” 

An agent who has a reputation of playing hard but fair will be able to negotiate a better deal for you (and sooner). Standing up for our clients’ needs while being professional and courteous to our associates is essential for your success—and it’s what sets us apart. Call us and see why. 

What rulebook does your agent follow? Not sure? Drop us a line.