Neil Broussard: The Running Back of Dallas Real Estate

How did Neil Broussard make a move from marketing to Dallas real estate? Well, he called his real estate agent and asked him to lunch. Instead, he ended up on a Saturday ride-along with Tom Rhodes as the two went to meet clients, look at properties and call on prospects. Talk about learning by doing.

At the end of the day, Tom told the young Neil to get his real estate license, and when he finished, to call him.

And that’s exactly what he did.

It was an auspicious start for the man who was recently awarded Top Realtor 2017 by the Advocate.

A Start in Dallas Real Estate

After he got his license, Neil says, “I showed up to Tom’s house on a Monday morning, and he handed me a phone and a list of phone numbers and said, ‘Go make some phone calls.’”

Neil officially joined The Rhodes Group in 2002, after having worked in sports marketing for five years. By 2004, Neil was named one of the Best Realtors in Dallas: Up and Comer by D Magazine. The Texas A&M grad credits his father, who spent 23 years in the U.S. Air Force, with his work ethic. He also thanks Tom Rhodes for giving him the knowledge he needed to be a successful real estate agent.

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Of all the things Neil was taught by both men, the most important lesson was: Talk less; listen more. “You always have to remember that your client is the most important person,” says Neil. “It doesn’t matter what I think; it matters what they think.”

For Neil, working in Dallas real estate with The Rhodes Group means a lot. “One of the reasons I love this business is because I get the opportunity to work with Tom and these guys every day,” he explains. “The teamwork and camaraderie that comes along with it are two of the reasons I enjoy my job so much.

Teamwork means a lot to the former athlete. “I played a lot of team sports when I was a kid. I loved every minute of it. I get the same feeling every day.”

Of course, if The Rhodes Group were a team, Neil says: “Tom’s the quarterback. We’re all running backs and wide receivers, getting touchdowns for our customers.”

Neil’s passion for real estate runs deep. To him, taking care of his clients is number one. “The most important thing is to do the absolute best for my clients — get them the most money with the least amount of stress. It’s solving their problems.”

When he’s not working, Neil loves spending time with his family near their home in Lakewood. He’s passionate about Dallas’ unique neighborhoods, especially his own. So it’s no wonder you can find his family often at nearby hangouts like White Rock Lake and Lower Greenville.

“I was looking for something that had an Austin vibe, and that was what drew me to Lakewood,” he explains, adding that he’s lived in the area in four different homes since 2001. “The neighborhood has older homes and is a little more scenic than other parts of Dallas. I like the mix of buildings and mix of people with different backgrounds and tastes and needs.”

Neil doesn’t hesitate to add how grateful he is to be living in Dallas. “You feel like you’re living in a big metropolitan area with all the bells and whistles you get from living in any of the big cities in this country, but you have the opportunity to spread out a little bit.”