Inside Nina Sachse’s Family’s Legacy of Love

At The Rhodes Group, we’re all about family. So, it was a natural fit when we welcomed real estate agent Nina Sachse into ours four years ago. This Peoria, Illinois, native grew up in the real estate business, much like we did.

“My mom started in real estate when we were about 5 years old,” says Nina. “Actually, she was about the same age as I was when I started in real estate.”

Nina’s mother, Mary Ann Knell, was a top producer real estate agent in Illinois for decades, pioneering locally the same real estate team concept used by The Rhodes Group.

What Nina remembers most about her mom is her work ethic. “She was the hardest worker I have ever known,” she says. “She would drop everything to do something for her clients.”

Nina moved to Dallas to attend college at SMU. After graduation, she worked as a clothes buyer at a boutique in Dallas and in 2011, started to really think about what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

“I knew my mom was successful at real estate and loved what she did. I thought I would go down that path, here in Dallas,” says Nina.

Hoping to get her foot in the door, Nina took a job with Dave Perry Miller (the home of The Rhodes Group), but ultimately, she wanted to work with The Rhodes Group, mostly thanks to her mom’s direction. “She knew about The Rhodes Group and about Tom. From day one, she wanted me to work for The Rhodes Group; that was her team.”

When asked why, Nina says it came down to shared experience and values. “They had the same work ethic, a group that they were in charge of, and they were leaders in their industry.”

Nina initially took a job as a listing coordinator with The Rhodes Group, working her way toward selling with them full-time two years later. When asked what she likes most about working with The Rhodes Group, Nina says it comes down to family. “I feel like everyone’s like my brothers and Janet’s our mom and Tom is the head. I feel so lucky to be with them that I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Since Nina’s mom passed away in 2014, she’s come to truly value that feeling of family. “My mom and Tom are so similar—to have a support system down here that’s like family is just amazing. You can’t beat it.”

As a realtor, Nina tries to emulate her mom’s legacy. “She was the match maker for families and their home. It was just hard work, caring and showing people that they’re number one.”

Ultimately, she approaches her work just like her mom did. “I want to match the family with the perfect house, becoming a part of their family so I can positively affect their lives,” she says. “The happiness of my clients is my number one thing.”

Today Nina lives in Highland Park with her husband, Decker, and two children, son Sam, 2, and daughter, Rose, 4. “We just love our neighborhood, and I don’t see us moving anywhere else,” says Nina.

Not only does Nina follow her mother’s footsteps in real estate, she also does so in her efforts to help others. Mary Ann made a large impact community wide through her philanthropic work. We’re proud to say Nina is carrying the torch both for Mary Ann and for our team. She’s currently giving back as a production chair for the Cattle Baron’s Ball benefitting the American Cancer Society.

We’re so lucky to have Nina on our team, joining our family here at The Rhodes Group. The family legacy and experience she brought with her helps us help you everyday.

Let our family help you find the home for your clan.

Understanding the communities created by the families of Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Lakewood and the surrounding neighborhoods? It’s a Rhodes Group privilege. Because, it’s not just a slogan, WE KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.