Need to de-clutter? Put your stuff here.

Pro tip: Nothing helps a house show better than a good de-cluttering. For our group, hiring a professional stager has practically become the norm in order to get the best price for our listings – and that often means removing items from the house. Whether you’re de-cluttering to sell or need to find a place for your husband’s second pair of golf clubs, we’ve recently found a service that makes this process painless – well, almost. Just recently, our stager helped a client prep a house for sale, and she recommended a company that made it easy to store the stuff they wanted to keep, but also get select items back whenever they wanted. We think this service is too helpful to keep it a secret.

A Dallas-based company named Callbox Storage actually picks up your things, does the lifting, inventories each item, stores them, and returns everything at the end – for prices comparable to do-it-yourself options.

But the best part? They’ll bring you up to five items back a month for free. It’s hard to tell what you might need during the sales process. This removes that worry so it’s easier to let items go. If you’ve stored the extra set of golf clubs, but he needs that old lucky driver back – no problem – they’ll deliver it back to you. Kids pouting because the dollhouse got packed up? Didn’t think the weather would change before selling? Need your special pasta maker for a signature dish? Any box or item can be returned. That makes storing/staging much less disruptive to your home-life.

It solved other things for this client, too. Because they couldn’t lift much weight, the mover aspect really helped out. You can pack your own boxes, but this family needed assistance. I think they got a couple hours free, but then paid extra for additional packing. As a result, we were able to list the house much earlier than if they did the work themselves.

So, if you are thinking of selling, but can’t stomach the thought of the staging process, this should ease your mind a bit.

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