Urban Commons: Modern Design & Sustainability

Who says you have to leave the city for inner peace? The new Urban Commons community combines sustainability, green space and modern design right in the heart of North Lake Highlands. Developer Diane Cheatham, known for her forward-thinking ventures, partnered with local award-winning architects to create this haven of low-impact, low-maintenance homes surrounded by a verdant environment. 


Sustainable Living at Its Best

The homes, ranging in size from 1,000 to 2,800 square feet, blend innovative architecture with the surrounding environment. “The buyer of these homes wants modern architecture and wants sustainability. It’s a particular, sophisticated taste in architecture,” notes Cheatham. 

All homes use sustainable materials, and the landscaping will use recycled water. Innovative architecture blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment, creating a harmonious setting that feels both contemporary and welcoming. A creek with a bridge and walkway is more than just an amenity; it fosters biodiversity within the community. 

A Like-Minded Community

Empty nesters and young families alike will both find something to love in the low-maintenance homes and community feel. Small lot sizes reduce the amount of upkeep required while common spaces provide amenities for outdoor living and foster a sense of community.  “The development encourages interaction between neighbors with a walk path around the development and common areas as well as picnic tables, benches and exercise stations,” says Cheatman. 

Award-Winning Modern Design 

Behind the striking designs of Urban Commons stand award-winning architects. Dallas legends such as Josh Nimmo of Nimmo Architects and Bang Dang and Rizwan Faruqui of Far+Dang are just a few of those creating the homes in the community. Clean lines, organic silhouettes and thoughtful details create a new kind of home-owning experience. 

This development promises to bring together people who value sustainable living and design.  “Urban Commons attracts like-minded buyers based on what they love in life — modern architecture, modern art, nature, sustainability, the environment,” says Cheatham. 

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