Rhodes Rule No. 7: Do Your Homework.

Do Your Homework.

It’s the lesson that delivers time after time: Be prepared. Research every angle. Walk in with answers to questions you’ve yet to hear. And most importantly, never stop learning. Hiring an agent who does their homework throughout the entire course of a deal always pays off. Because that person will be prepared to deliver everything you asked—and even some things you didn’t know you needed.

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When it comes to buying and selling in this competitive market, the devil is often in the details. As with all things in life, coming prepared is key, but will only get you halfway there. Following up and doing due diligence on the things you don’t know is what will bring the deal all the way home. That’s what sets the average apart from the exceptional. And why all agents truly are not created equal.

No matter how much you think you know, there’s always something new to learn. Malcolm Gladwell said that to be considered an expert, you’ve got to spend 10,000 hours—or more than ten years—on your trade. We agree. There’s no way to bypass this, and no shortcuts to gleaning this wealth of knowledge. Decades of experience can’t be learned overnight.

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