The Spring Market Starts Earlier Than You Think

We’ll cut to the chase—when it comes to listing your home this spring, preparation starts now. Time is not on your side if you want to get the most for your home. 

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Currently, we’re seeing lots of pent-up demand for homes in the Park Cities, Preston Hollow, and Lakewood. Many sellers are waiting to list until the spring market really “starts,” but we have news for you: it’s already begun

Buyers are out looking now, and because of this we are seeing a healthy demand for homes. Since many sellers haven’t put their homes on the market, there is a shortage of supply. That is good news for sellers who are currently listed. But even if you can’t list right away, all is not lost. 

Given the early start to this year’s spring market, we expect a healthy market through May. So what else should you know before you sell?

5 Things to Consider Before Listing This Spring

    • Renovations (even minor ones) go a long way. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or resurfacing the bathroom, easy updates like these can quickly and inexpensively add dollars to your listing price. Buyers pay up for upgrades, and they discount heavily for non-updated properties. Talk to us about our Compass Concierge program which fronts the money (no fees or interest!) for needed upgrades prior to listing.
    • Higher price points are moving slowly, resulting in deep discounts required to move right now—which brings us to our next point:  
    • Don’t overprice. Even though this spring selling season is already showing strong activity, buyers are still cost conscious (it’s not 2015 anymore!). Although it seems counterintuitive, “listing high and seeing what you can get” does not net you the most amount of money—quite the opposite, actually. For decades, statistics have shown that putting the right price on a home in the beginning typically nets you the most amount of money. We take pride in finding the maximum “right price.” With tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars on the line, this is no job for a rookie agent. 
    • Job growth and low mortgage rates likely to boost the market. Texas (and especially Dallas) has seen extraordinary population growth over the past decade. Most experts agree that this trend will continue especially with many companies relocating to Dallas this year, resulting in a stronger real estate market. This influx of people combined with some of the lowest interest rates of all time continues to be a boon to sellers and is what has kept our market strong despite softness in other areas of the country.
    • Choose your agent carefully. With so much at stake, hiring an expert agent is key. Getting the wrong advice on value, necessary updates, and/or marketing strategies can cost you—and this is just the tip of the iceberg. How good is your agent at conveying value to a buyer, negotiating contracts, navigating through the inspection and repair process, and eliminating the drama? We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two over the past 43 years and 4,200+ transactions. But even if you don’t list with The Rhodes Group, choosing the right agent for the job is of utmost importance.

The spring market is already here. Don’t wait if you’re on the fence; call us to get the ball rolling. Our depth and breadth of experience will give you a leg up on the competitive Dallas real estate market. 

We grew up here. We live here. The Rhodes Group has been helping people buy and sell Dallas real estate in and around the Park Cities for two generations, immersed in the ebbs and flows of the local luxury real estate markets. We know your neighborhood.