Interior Refresh for the Win

Finding your dream home can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. You search and you feel like you’re waiting for that one in a million opportunity to finally come your way. But what if the chances of getting that dream house had better odds?

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Take this story for example! Earlier this year, a client of mine began the search for her next home. We put in the work, put multiple offers in and lost a couple of houses along the way. What could have been a frustrating end turned into a stroke of creative brilliance! Deciding to pursue the search, we finally came across a home that checked all of her boxes.


While the home still needed
a few renovations, she was able to get the house for a price that allowed her to have some financial room to get the home and make it her own. My favorite part is always helping and seeing my clients’ vision come to life.

Here comes the fun part! Now that the home was hers, she was quick to remove the window shutters and give it a new front door. Happy with her minor changes to the exterior, it was time to tear down a wall — including that faux fireplace — and open up the entire floor plan of the house! 



After adding glass doors, updating the kitchen hardware, and moving the pantry into the kitchen, the home was turned into a completely different space. How welcoming and fresh a house can become with a few easy
home improvements! There’s nothing stopping you from finding and making your dream home next.


We are precise about what types of investments create real value and interest. As an added bonus — we have a vetted list of contractors that can help smooth the process and minimize costs! Turn to The Rhodes Group for a team approach with decades of experience in your specific neighborhood. We live here. It’s not just a slogan. WE KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.