This Family Turned $30k Into $100k Through Updating

We’re all stuck at home right now—and while puzzles and family walks help pass the time, you should really be taking advantage of down time for those long-overdue home improvement projects (especially if you’re looking to sell soon to take advantage of lower-than-ever interest rates).

Small home updates can add big dollars to your home’s price tag. Contractors are still considered an essential business, and many are available and hungry for work because of the current economic slowdown. This has also caused construction prices to drop — which is good news for those ready to make home improvements at a fraction of the cost.

Which renovations will give you the most bang for your buck? We know. Give us a call.

We’re pretty conservative about the amount of construction we recommend, but precise about what types of investment create real value. An added bonus—our vetted list of contractors can help smooth the process and minimize cost estimates.

Turning $30k into $100k+

Often, updating simply means resurfacing. Take this recent acquisition on Caruth. Updating the entire house cost these homeowners less than $30,000.



What a transformation painting the dark wood white on trim, cabinets and shelving makes. Resurfacing countertops and backsplashes plus changing out light fixtures and hardware lightens and brightens the entire feel. It all turned out simple but fabulous due to the team effort of designer, Meredith Grabham, the homeowners and selling agent.



While this family plans to live happily in the home for many years, they instantly added a minimum of $100,000 to their valuation.



Renovations like these don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and are well worth the investment. Get your home sale-ready now, and you’ll be prepared for a flurry of potential buyers once business is back to normal in the Dallas real estate market.

Contemplating selling? Let us identify if resurfacing any features could help your sell price.

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