Spring Fever: Must-Know Info on Dallas’ Hot Real Estate Market

That real estate market slow-down you keep hearing about? We won’t see it this spring in the Dallas neighborhoods we represent. This season will bring more of the same hot conditions we’ve become accustomed to — ultra-competitive for buyers, while sellers with the right strategies will be rewarded. Want to be successful in buying or selling a home? Read on for our 6 key takeaways. 

Dallas Real Estate Spring Market Takeaways 

If you’re a seller, it’s a great time to list. There’s a ton of demand, especially in markets like the Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Bluffview and Devonshire. We see dozens of requests daily from potential buyers, represented by the many agents we network with. We think this demand will increase as we get into the full swing of the spring market, which is a time of high activity in our area. 

Multiple bids will remain the status quo. This is especially true for move-in ready, up-to-date properties. No one likes the idea of having to outbid their competitors, but it will remain the standard for desirable properties. That means potential buyers will have to really work to make sure their offer stands out. While some buyers might be adjusting their bids to account for higher inflation rates, many more are increasing the size of their down-payment to reduce their monthly payments.   

Inventory may increase, but so will demand. It’s true that inventory has increased, but it’s still historically low. And any further increase in available homes will be met by higher demand. Spring is an ideal home-buying season for families who don’t want to move in the middle of the school year.

Everyone loves off-market selling and buying. Many buyers are willing to pay a premium for an off-market property. This keeps them from having to compete with other bids and may help them avoid an increase in the property’s tax-assessed value. An agent with an extensive network of contacts and an ability to stay on top of on- and off-market listings is a must-have for buyers and sellers. 

No real estate steals to be found. Buyers can try to wait to find something undervalued, but it’s unlikely they’ll find anything. The only time a property might get discounted is if it has extensive work that needs to be done. And even then, it will get a fair market price. If you’re ready to buy, be prepared to pay what a property is worth. 

The $5M+ market is heating up. With low inventory across the board and luxury buyers having sat on the fence, we’re seeing more buyers ready and willing to cross the $5 million mark into luxury properties when looking for homes. And they’re often putting up all-cash offers for the right house.  


We’re glad to see some increases in inventory to help the many families looking for homes but also happy that our real estate market continues to be competitive, lively, and strong. Buyers can find the home they want with the right advice and guidance. And sellers can rest assured their property’s value will continue to stay strong.

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