Want to Protest Your Property Tax? Here’s how.

It’s property tax appraisal time again… Many of you have received a letter from the Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD) stating the new appraised value of properties you own in Dallas County.  If the value of your property did not increase, you most likely did not receive a letter; however, you can still protest your property tax.  Statistics show that if you fight the value of your property on a yearly basis, your savings can be substantial.  You must file a protest prior to May 15!

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To see the current appraised value of your property, go here and enter your address.  If you feel the value is above market, you can protest this by clicking one of the available protest links for your property (“Print/Mail Account Protest Form” or “uFile Online Protest”).

Additionally, you can have a property tax consultant work for you to reduce your appraised value.  We have a recommendation below.  Depending on the property, tax consultants may only charge you a portion of what they save you in taxes—so their services have no out-of-pocket expense.

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Chris Bawcom