Top 6 Reasons You Should Buy and Sell in the Fall

We know. “Conventional Wisdom” says to sell or buy only in spring or by summer. Well, that is not entirely true — especially in Lakewood, Park Cities and Preston Hollow. Home sales are still brisk. In fact, we find things pick up in September, as people return from vacations and want to settle into new homes by the holidays.

Why sell in the fall?
1. There is less competition on the market which gives sellers an advantage.
2. Have kids? It’s much easier to keep the house “show ready” when kids are in school.
3. Vacations are over so there are more buyers in town.
4. Buyers that are looking for homes in the fall are serious buyers.
5. Yards have revived with new blooming rounds.
6. Who wants to move while it’s 100 degrees?

Why buy in the fall?
1. Houses that have been on the market a while are ready to deal – some of the best deals of the year are made in the fall.
2. It’s so much easier to look while the kids are at school, right?
3. Avoid multiple offers – less competition for hot new properties.
4. For Highland Park ISD, you need to know your new address for Roundup in February.
5. Price reductions typically start to happen in August – houses that you thought were out of your range in the spring will come into view.
6. Easier to book closings, movers, inspections…everything!

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