Top 3 Easy Ways to Increase Home Value

An uncertain market may make you wonder if it’s time to sell. If so, maybe you’re pondering an expensive home renovation to increase your home value. But before you start laying new tile or breaking down walls, consider these ways to quickly and inexpensively add dollars to your listing price.

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These three easy updates — painting, resurfacing and staging — often have the biggest impact on home value, and they can be less expensive than you think.

  1. Painting: Just a couple of coats of interior paint can transform a home, open up a room or transport it into the current decade. The cost? Anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. And the return in home value often clears the original expensive. But when thinking about painting, don’t just think about the interior of the home — a new exterior can dramatically alter curb appeal like it did for this client. When they came to us, the house had sat on the market for weeks. Of course, anyone should be hesitant to redo the brick of a historic home, but a whitewash with grey trim brought in potential buyers by the truckload — and it sold within days.
  2. Resurfacing: It might seem more intensive than painting, but resurfacing doesn’t have to be. A new countertop, bathtub or outdoor siding improve the homes overall appearance to make it seem more valuable and better taken care of.
  3. Staging: Your timeless taste in interior design could be inadvertently turning off potential buyers. A professional restaging of your home can transform its appeal in ways you couldn’t imagine (and increase the home value). Even if you don’t engage someone’s services — which we highly recommend you do — you’d be well suited to make some changes. Decluttering should be your first priority. Store extra or unused furniture and go for a more minimal look in decor. Beyond that, go for more neutral looks without losing personality.

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