Spring Cleaning Tips For Selling Your Home

You’ve just listed your home in time for the busy spring season—but aside from setting the right asking price, how do you ensure potential buyers are most enticed to consider your listing in this competitive market?

‘Tis the season for #springcleaning, and there’s no better time to tidy up than when you’re selling your home. Put your best foot forward during your home sale with these simple spring cleaning tips.

5 Tips To Elevate Your Spring Home Sale

Paint. A fresh coat of exterior and interior paint is a good idea if the house needs a refresh. It will make your house look and feel clean and new (not to mention add dollars to your listing price!).

Resurface. It might seem more intensive than painting, but resurfacing doesn’t have to be. A new countertop, bathtub or outdoor siding will improve the overall appearance of your home. And an attractive, well-maintained home usually translates to a more valuable home.

Declutter each room. When a buyer steps into your home, they want to envision how they would live in the space, and how their things would look in the home. How you live in your home is not often the same way you would want to stage your home. Getting rid of unused furniture helps open your rooms up, making them feel and look larger. And if you have time, clean out the closets, the pantry, bookshelves, and start packing items to store (neatly) in the garage.

First impressions matter. When it comes to home buying, people definitely judge a book by its cover. Because of this, your yard sets the tone for the rest of the home. So make sure your lawn looks its best at all times—mow the grass, replant and mulch, trim the trees, and add some flowers for a bit of color. A freshly painted door and new doormat will also make a lasting impression.

Clean top to bottom. Buyers love to know that a home has been taken care of. It’s a good idea to wipe down baseboards, light plates, door handles, and to steam clean the carpets.

Bonus tip: Remember to change out your air filters, too. Your buyer’s inspector will thank you!

Don’t wait to get started—now is the time to get your home in shape for the spring selling season. And remember; you only get one first impression from potential buyers, so it’s crucial you make it a great one.

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