Rhodes Rule No. 10: Ask how you can help.

Ask how you can help.

A simple and easy question. How can I help? Asking that takes your job and puts it on a service plane. For us, real estate is about helping people — and when we help people, we help our community. It gives our work deep meaning that goes beyond just closing contracts.

What rulebook does your agent follow? Not sure? Drop us a line.

That’s because being a real estate agent is not about sales, it’s about service. After all we’re talking about a home, not a gadget you order off Amazon. The more we ask how we can help, the more information we have to understand what’s best for the client and the better able we are to find them the home they love. This question communicates to our clients that our interests lie in supporting them more than making money. And at the end of the day, we rest easy knowing we were able to make someone else’s life better through our work. 

So we ask again, “How can we help?”

How can we help? We’re always here and ready to listen. Call us.