Get Your Home In Order: 6 Organization Tips From Nina Sachse

Let’s face it—organization is the last thing on our minds during the craze of summer vacation. Time got away from us, and with it those home organization skills we learned from our favorite lifestyle blogs. But with the kids back in school and life in session again, now is the perfect time to simplify your routine and get your house back in order. 

Six Tips To Organize Your Home Life 

Here are some tried and true tips, and some of my favorite sources for inspiration to help you get your home life back on track: 

Fold it Kondo-style. We’ve all heard of Marie Kondo and her ‘spark joy’ movement, and the benefits of decluttering. But have you tried her famous folding method? Two words: Life changing. has some great examples on their feed.

Say hello to fresh. The refrigerator and pantry are one of the most used spaces in a house. To keep everything accessible and fresh, try putting items in clear bins and label them. The Home Edit blog has some awesome ideas for this that I LOVE. 

Tackle the mudroom. As a dump-all spot for everyone’s stuff, it’s high time this spot got a deep-clean. Take it one step further and designate space in your mudroom — whether it’s with hooks, baskets or whatever — so that everyone knows where to put their things. And If you don’t have a mudroom, carve out space in the garage. Pro tip: adding a basket here for shoes will make a HUGE difference.

Clean out the closets. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, it’s probably time to say goodbye. With fall almost upon us, there’s no better time to take this on. And the more room you make, the more shopping you can do during the upcoming holidays (bonus!). 

Back to basics. When it comes to bathroom products, take an inventory of the things you actually use every single day. Now toss the rest. After all, if you’re not using it daily, do you really need it there? 

Send in the pros. Can’t seem to get it together? When all else fails, leave it to the professionals. Outsourcing your home organization needs is a breeze with companies like Neat Method.

Try out these tips, and I truly believe that when you organize your space, you will see a difference in your day-to-day happiness, success, and overall satisfaction with life. Living where everything has a place just makes you happier — it’s as simple as that. Happy organizing!

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