Meet Lawyer Turned Operations Officer Betsy Welp

It should come as no surprise Betsy Welp started her career as a lawyer. After all, her attention to detail and ability to master complicated subjects make her an invaluable member of our team. 

When it comes to real estate, the details matter. And managing a complicated transaction is no easy task. For our clients, their homes represent one of their most important investments, so there’s no room for error during the process. We’re proud of our ability to provide clarity, transparency and a frictionless experience — and it’s Betsy, our transaction coordinator and office manager, who makes that all possible. 

Midwestern Roots 

The Indiana native came to Texas for law school, attending the South Texas College of Law in Houston and stayed. She moved into Dallas in 1997, falling in love with the Highland Park area where she eventually settled. “I love the neighborhood feel in a big city,” says Betsy. 

After welcoming three children into the world, Betsy devoted her time to raising her family. During this time she became a diligent public servant and used her strengths to best serve her community. 

Betsy most recently served as President of the Highland Belles Booster Club and co-chaired  the Highland Park Booster Club’s Spaghetti Supper. She now serves as a member of the advisory board for the Highland Park Education Foundation. Her positive impact can be seen in her contributions to school funding and fundraising efforts to raise teacher salaries.


Joining The Rhodes Group

When she sought to reenter the workforce, she says, real estate found her. “It just popped up!” she says. “Volunteering was great, but I needed to get back to the workplace.”  She joined The Rhodes Group officially in 2018. 

In our office, Betsy is responsible for ensuring everything is on schedule, paperwork is submitted correctly and on time, the details are looked after and more. She also contributes her sense of humor and supportive attitude. She earned her real estate license in 2019 so she could provide even more support to our clients. 

After five phenomenal years with the group Betsy can’t help but feel incredibly fortunate. “I’m so lucky to have found The Rhodes Group!” she exclaims with gratitude. Her favorite part of The Rhodes Group? “It’s always an adventure!” She says, “There’s a family dynamic, funny stories, and great advice!” 


Let our family help you find the home for your special tribe.