Exterior Refresh for the Win

Remodel Reveals Series #2

Oh what a facelift can do.
If you are a purist at heart, the thought of painting the brick on the outside of your home may cause you to cringe. We get it. But let me share this little story of a house on Harvard.

Another agent took a crack at selling it with the original red brick. And it sat. Eventually, the listing came to us. Here’s the thing: the inside was great, but potential buyers couldn’t get past the front of the house. Our assessment? The dark color made it recess into the background, and the railing above the entry dated the porch.

Nothing a bit of paint couldn’t fix. White washing the exterior, removing the railing over the door and a tree growing too close to the wall, then emphasizing the lines of the house with a modern mushroom gray opened it up completely. Well, you can see the difference. Cost? All of $6,500.


The result? Showings increased exponentially, immediately. Best of all, the house sold. The sellers certainly saw how painting brick was worth it.

Think paint may help your house? Let us take a look.

We’re pretty conservative about the amount of updating we recommend, but precise about what types of investment create real value, or interest in this case. An added bonus — our vetted list of contractors can help smooth the process and minimize costs.

We know what sells today, because WE KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.