Why it’s Crucial Real Estate Agents Know Your Neighborhood

Our advertising proudly proclaims We Know Your Neighborhood. But how important is it really? For Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Lakewood, Bluffview, Greenway Parks, and Devonshire, having a real estate agent who intimately knows the area gives you a huge leg up, for buying and selling. Determining value, marketing to an insider network and finding the house you’ll be happy living in takes active neighborhood knowledge. Where will you find the biggest gains guided by inside details?

Accurate pricing
In our neighborhoods, price per square foot sometimes varies block by block. With the high dollar per square foot this area commands, small mistakes in calculations mean substantial differences.

Values spotted a mile away
Being in the thick of it means knowing when to jump on a deal…or when to wait. Well-priced homes in our area go quickly. An area savvy agent instantly knows when you need to see and offer immediately.

Insight updated daily
Getting that number right takes a high degree of specialized, timely insight only perfected by working in the space every day. Agents with occasional listings are more apt to miss the mark without knowing up-to-the-minute specifics.

Finding off market properties
Let’s face it, off market has become a bigger market. We’re active third generation residents and a two-gen Dallas real estate family with a large sphere of influence. People know us. We know people. Doors are open. Insider info leads us to non-published opportunities.

Community embedded
Sometimes listings never make it out of our group. Between the six of us, we have a ton of classmates, team members, fellow parents, charity connections, clients and neighbors in these close-knit communities. They often contact us to express interest or seek advice way before they move forward. If it’s your ideal property, a private showing may be all it takes.

Prime networking membership
Exclusive networking groups help, as well. Each agent belongs to a different group of local high producing agents. So we’ll quietly hear about upcoming listings first. They’ve worked with us for decades and know we stand by our word, a trust factor that works to your advantage.

Organic marketing advantage
Your buyer is found on the soccer field, grocery store, playdate, out at dinner or at a fundraiser. Happenstance conversations tell us a family wants to change school districts, wishes they had a lap pool, needs extra space, admires a certain architect or seeks the exact feature found in your home.

The lookout list
Our neighborhoods are beloved and people tend to stay close or move back to home. We have a long list of people who tell us to keep an eye out for a certain type of house. An offhand mention in passing suddenly becomes a sale without anyone else knowing the buyer was looking.  The best opportunity to spread the word about your home is in the day-to-day activities. Being out and about gives us the chance to connect dots…which we often do.

Knowing how the neighborhood lives
Looking at a house only tells you half the story. Are the neighbors sociable? Is it a cut-through street? Will the historic or conservation district affect your renovation? Is the police patrol active? Will you be in parade central once a year? Does the school have an active PTA? These details determine how happy you are after you move in. Knowing helps you make better decisions. We’ve got full scoop. And if you aren’t yet “one of us,” you soon can be. We’ll pass on native knowledge, introductions, sources and any details to make you feel at home.

Rely on agents who truly know your neighborhood.
Call The Rhodes Group.

We grew up here. We live here. We’ve been buying and selling real estate in the area for two generations, immersed in the ebbs and flows of the local neighborhood markets. Deep ties to the community keep us in the know. It’s not just a slogan… WE KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.