Confessions of a Park Cities Realtor: What To Expect in this Market

In the market to buy a home? Grab your favorite drink, pull up a chair, and take a look inside the current Dallas real estate market with Nina Sachse. She shares her perspective, expertise, and what home buyers can expect in an ultra-seller’s market.

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Remember “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Well, the current real estate market is kind of like a scary episode of the series (enough to keep the elder millennials awake at night, at least). 

With inventory at an all-time low, buyers are forcing themselves into uncomfortable positions to win a bid on a house. It’s stressful for buyers and almost equally so for agents. We have seen great, qualified clients lose a house that in “normal” times, they would have won with the offers they’re extending. 

The Reality of the Home Buying Process

Thankfully though, not all home buying stories end this way. For instance, just this week, my clients bought and closed on their first home in University Park with the help of myself and Dan Rhodes as their buying agents! 

But when I first met with them, I was very upfront about the difficult market. This candid conversation together prepared them for the journey they were embarking on (unique, in a nutshell).

Nina Sachse (left) with clients outside their recently purchased Park Cities home

How To Be A Prepared Buyer

As a buyer right now, you inspect and are inspected. No matter how great your offer, you may experience rejection. You may have to compromise in ways you don’t expect. Staying on your toes and being ready to act at a moment’s notice will be key.  

So how can you prepare yourself for this difficult process? Find an agent who really knows their stuff — inside and out, up and down, and all the way around

In less competitive years, home buyers might have been able to get by with agents with less experience or even just got without an agent, using a website that claimed to replace the role of agent all together. These buyers may not have found the best deal or the best home, but they may have been happy all the same. 

A home buying market like we have now is like a receding tide that shows you who came to the beach in proper attire. Now you’re welcome to risk it with some loosely tied board shorts in the ocean waves yourself, but I don’t recommend it. 

Suffice to say, we work hard for our clients — and double knot our swimming trunks. This new couple found their first home in the Park Cities — a true accomplishment. Even though the home buying process has come to a close, I’m excited to share that these clients actually became our neighbors, which is a silver lining! I’ll get to see them coming home to their first house together, which I love.

Park Cities Real Estate Agents Nina Sachse (left) and Dan Rhodes (right)

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